Dish-n-Dash FAQ's

Why can’t you continue to offer Dish-n-Dash?

There are 3 key reasons we can’t continue to provide Dish-n-Dash along with our growing retail service:

  1. We cannot guarantee ingredient availability from day to day, so it is increasingly difficult to fulfill Dish-n-Dash orders if we are shorted ingredients.
  2. With increased staffing and space challenges, it is no longer feasible for our teams to provide both services.
  3. The vast majority of our customers have switched to Retail and appreciate the wider selection of choices, easy ordering, no lead time, and flexibility. By simplifying our offerings, we will be able to provide more offerings to meet the wide variety of taste, dietary, and cook method preferences.

What if I still want to customize?

By providing more items to choose from and no minimum purchase, customers can more easily find what they desire. In addition, we have made changes to accommodate the most common special requests, such as:

  • The request to ‘split’ the meal into two 3 serving sizes – you can purchase items at retail in 3 or 6 serving size (no minimum).
  • Spice Level – we provide red pepper flakes packaged separately when applicable for easy spice customization.
  • Omit ingredients – Whenever possible, we will package mushrooms and onions separately. Those are the most common requests and we will continue to design meals to be as flexible as possible.
  • Dietary Requests – We provide many Gluten-Free options and will continue to focus in this area as well as Dairy Free and Low Sodium.

Will there still be a monthly menu?

Since we offer even more variety with our expanded Retail cases, we are moving to a Seasonal Menu in addition to a wide selection of Favorites available year-round. Our new Summer menu is available through Labor Day with additional summer items available in July. This is the best way to provide favorites that will be available year-round and more access and availability for the seasonal highlights as well!

When will In-store sessions return?

Our in-store sessions face the same challenges as Dish-n-Dash and even more challenges given the ongoing implications from the pandemic. As such, in-store sessions require additional staffing, supplies, procedures, and space in our stores. The popularity of in-store sessions had been declining prior to the pandemic with more and more customers wanting to purchase Let’s Dish! meals already prepared. We simply do not have enough space to accommodate for in-store sessions while also providing space for our teams to make meals. Therefore, we are not able to resume in-store sessions.

We recognize that some of our customers desire to return to in-store sessions. When we paused in-store sessions given the sudden surge of the pandemic, we never dreamed how long it would last, nor the far reaching and long-lasting implications. It is simply not feasible to resume, and we do not see that possibility in the next few years. Therefore, we have made the decision to invest in the growing retails segment and continue to develop more Let’s Dish! meals, sides, apps, and desserts.

Can I still use my DishPoints?

We encourage you to use your DishPoints through June 30th with your last Dish-n-Dash orders. We are working on a new Rewards Program and will be introducing it this fall. Meanwhile, you can also use your DishPoints towards in-store retail purchases. Punch cards will no longer be honored as of June 30th.

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